What is HemoMed?

HemoMed® is an applicator of cold, made of hospital grade plastic, which contains a coolant inside. It is placed in the freezer inside a special container (included) and, when cold, it is applied directly to the swollen hemorrhoidal area.

It is simple, just like applying ice (it would be impossible to introduce ice into the rectum and it would melt in less than one minute). The device will stay cold for a treatment of 8 to 10 minutes. It is reusable, just wash it with soap and water, rinse it well, and place it back in the container and in the freezer. HemoMed® can be used many times, as often as needed.

Investigation and technology have helped to develop the only product, worldwide, that eliminates hemorrhoids without the painful side effects of surgery.

Its called HemoMed®, and it’s the first product that eliminates hemorrhoids without the pain and the dramatic side effects of surgery, and in the comfort of your own home.

HemoMed®’s therapeutic action develops itself through the application of extreme low temperatures, applied in controlled manner, directly, by the patient; it’s what we know by the name of cryotherapy.

Cryotherapy with nitrogen and other chemical substances has been used for some years now in surgical procedures to treat different diseases, hemorrhoids among them; however, these procedures have the same painful effects of surgeries and hemorrhoidectomies.

Through its cryogenic applicator, HemoMed® allows to take advantage of the same principles of cryotherapy, free of painful side effects, and with immediate great results that will be maintained through time.

HemoMed®’s innovative device is made of neutral clinical hospital grade plastic; this material, besides being an excellent transmitter of temperature, is modern and has important advantages, both clinical and technical. Some of those advantages are: it eliminates static, making impossible for particles and contaminating and allergenic agents to adhere to the surface of the device; the material also acts as a catalyst for the extreme low temperatures generated inside the device, which helps performing more effectively on the tissue that has been affected by the hemorrhoids. The nature of the plastic the device is made of also helps preventing irritation and burning due to extreme cold.

The HemoMed® device’s anatomical design allows the device to adjust to the different areas of the affected parts; therefore, the device can be used in the treatment of internal and external hemorrhoids.

The refrigerable substance contained in the HemoMed® device is responsible for the device to acquire the ideal temperature to produce the cryo-coagulation effect on the affected tissues and, by doing this, stimulate sanguine microcirculation in all the venous area of the anus and the rectum. This is achieved by leaving the device in the freezer, at least two hours before each application.

From the first application, the action of the extreme low temperatures, and its analgesic effects, vasoconstriction and anti-swelling eliminate all the symptoms, like pain, itching, burning, swelling and bleeding, which makes it easier for the patient to perform their daily activities without indisposition.

2 to 3 applications per day, during four weeks, will allow the anus’ and the rectum’s varicose veins to regain the dynamic of the sanguine microcirculation, eliminating the hemorrhoids, and not permitting its reappearance.

HemoMed®does not contain chemicals, drugs, nor other active substances that may be absorbed by the user’s organism. This makes HemoMed®the ideal choice for all patients: older people, pregnant women, mothers who breastfeed, diabetics and users allergic to any substance.


This innovative and effective device is the first in the world, allowing use of cryotherapy in controlling the dramatic hemorrhoidal processes.

The HemoMed® device is the result of a long, thoughtful and proven scientific research, starting from basics and home remedies used for many years, it benefits from the advantages of new technologies and uses the most modern, most effective and the safest temperature applicator, which is controlled directly by the user in the comfort of their home and without the dramatic side effects of other therapies and painful and expensive surgical procedures.

In 1998, the HemoMed® device was patented in the USA and 70 other countries, also in this year it was approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and it began a successful global distribution.

Each kit contains instructions HemoMed® translated into multiple languages, and they include illustrations for quick and easy understanding.