What is cryotherapy?

Cryotherapy is a relatively new form of treatment in which the body or a part of the body is briefly exposed to very cold temperatures in order to promote healing and other therapeutic results. Cryotherapy has been shown to decrease inflammation of the body’s tissues, muscles and joints. It can also help improve the body’s circulation and healing, and also slow down cellular metabolism and reproduction.

Cryotherapy can help to reduce pain and muscle spasms in the body as well as reduce the swelling of injuries. Cryotherapy has also been shown to promote faster healing in joint, muscle and tendon injuries.

How does Cryotherapy Work?

Cryotherapy works by lowering the skin temperature of the body very rapidly and for a short period of time — usually for just a couple of minutes. This dramatic but brief reduction in the body’s temperature causes the release of a sudden burst of adrenaline, giving an immediate boost to the body’s immune system. This immune system improvement can last for days or even weeks after the treatment. There is also a shorter terms release of endorphins, the body’s natural painkiller. This changed physiology within the body can result in accelerated healing and promote increased well being in all of the body’s organs, cells and systems.