Q. How long does it take to obtain RELIEF with HEMOMED®

A. It depends on the severity of the condition. Average internal hemorrhoids require 2 to 3 weeks, external hemorrhoids may take a month, or so. IT IS IMPORTANT TO CONSIDER THAT DURING THE TREATMENT, THE CONDITIONS THAT CAUSED THE HEMORRHOIDS MUST NOT BE PRESENT (sitting for long periods, constipation, etc.). Be patient, the alternative (surgery) is expensive and painful and takes a long time to recover, not to mention the psychological effect on the patient.

Q. Do I take the applicator out of the container before placing it in the freezer?

A. No, the applicator should be inside the container when placed in the freezer.

Q. How long should the applicator be in the freezer before using it?

A. At least two hours. It may be stored in the freezer, to be sure it will be cold when needed.

Q. Does the treatment hurt?

A. No. Apply lubricant to the applicator and VERY GENTLY apply it directly to the swollen area. Some discomfort may be experienced for a short period of time, but you will get used to it very soon.

Q. How long should I leave the applicator inside the rectum, or against the tissue outside, during treatment?

A. Eight to ten minutes each time.

Q. How many times a day should I use the applicator?

A. For most cases, four times a day are sufficient. Severe cases may require more treatments. The more you use it, the quicker you get relief.

Q. Why do you recommend two applicators?

A. Two applicators will double the treatment time and relief is obtained in half the time. Also, having two applicators, both Internal and external hemorrhoids can be treated without having to wait two hours between treatments.

Q. Would too many treatments be harmful?

A. No, the application of cold is completely harmless. It can ONLY help!

Q. Should I stop the treatments as soon as the pain and discomfort stops?

A. No, you should continue the treatments for a few more days, although not as frequently. This will assure complete healing.

Q. Should I use creams or ointments with the HEMOMED® applicator?

A. No, with HEMOMED® you do not need to use any other remedies. Creams and ointments may make the problem worse because of possible allergies to the ingredients in them.

Q. Are warm water baths beneficial during the treatment?

A. No. While the application of cold “shrinks” the swollen tissues, heat will do just the opposite.

Q. Does HEMOMED® relieve the hemorrhoids?

A. YES, HEMOMED® will relieve the hemorrhoids, with very few exceptions (when they are very large).

Q. Will the hemorrhoids come back? If so, were they relieved?

A. HEMOMED® will eliminate the present hemorrhoids, however, if the condition which caused them is not corrected, you may get NEW hemorrhoids. Save the applicator, just in case.

Q. How can I prevent the hemorrhoids from reappearing?

A. By following the recommendations included with the Instructions. Please read other side. You can also read our recommendations of how to prevent hemorrhoids at this site at:

“Hemorrhoids can be prevented.”

Q. What should I do if I run out of HEMOMED® lubricant?

A. You can buy a good lubricant at your favorite drug store, or order additional bottles from us.

Q. How can you offer a 100% Unconditional Guarantee that HEMOMED® will provide relief?

A. Because we are positively sure that HEMOMED® provides relief, by reducing the inflammation. Even in those very few instances when the hemorrhoids are so large that HEMOMED® can not shrink them, the user gets some relief from the pain and, if the sufferer needs surgery, the HEMOMED® applicator will help reduce the post-surgery pain and accelerate the healing.

Q. How long does the applicator last?

A. It lasts 6-12 months, if not used it will last much longer.