“I am writing this thank you and recommendation after using your HemoMed hemorrhoid treatment and finding complete relief. After suffering for a decade with recurring hemorrhoids flare-ups and exhausting both over the counter and prescription treatments HemoMed was the only treatment that has stopped these flareups. Indeed, HemoMed used when my hemorrhoids begin to inflame, will stop a flare-up and actually reduce the inflammation and condition the hemorrhoid tissue avoiding further inflammation.
After using many ointments, suppositories and even prescription cortisone creams I developed and allergic reaction to these products that only made the hemorrhoid pain more unbearable. Further I began to bleed, sometimes profusely, and with no relief would have to get an operation as a last resort. This I wanted to avoid for obvious reasons. Desperate, I found your product on the Internet and I had it sent it to me in the overnight post.
After using it the first time I had pain relief that lasted a number of hours which I had not experienced for over a week of suffering. Within two days of three eight minute treatments each day my bleeding, which was very severe stopped, and the pain reduced to minor discomfort. By the fifth day of treatment I was astounded that my hemorrhoids had completely receded and all was back to normal. As a precaution I now keep extra treatments at my vacation home and I take it with me when I travel (It only needs a few hours to freeze and be ready for use).
I cannot recommend you more highly. For me it was truly the only means of avoiding an operation on my hemorrhoids. I have shown your product to others and have informed my doctor of my results when his prescription cream no longer provided relief. HemoMed is the only product that will now work for me. Please use my recommendation as you see it fit to help others in my predicament.”

Sincerely yours, Anthony